Thursday, March 20, 2008

Help Hiccough

Hiccough happened if foreign object step into the lung direction and cork the breath road; street up at lung. If patient can eliminate the gagging by coughing to cough to ossify, hence help needn't again. But if patient non-stopped to be hiccoughed out of breath so that, hence need immediately first aid.

Part Cork:

· Hiccough but remains breathing, cough and speaking.

· Difficult to breath

Kind of First Aid:

· Open the patient mouth, laboring to find and throw away the cork with the finger. If foreign object can be seen but cannot be reached by your finger, use the long appliance and narrow (for example clipper, nipper appliance) to release it. Be careful don't depress deeper foreign object.

· If foreign object is not found / taken out but patient in a stable state, tell them to be calm and breathing in slowly, so that the breath way become relax.

· If cork remain to and patient become weak, placing patient on the table with the body part of head and shoulder pendant in desk periphery. Hit part of body of between shoulder using your palm several times and patient suggested coughing.

Total Cork:

Action require immediately, you only have time 3 minutes to take the cork, before the brain damage because insufficient of oxygen.


· Hiccough and cannot breathe, cough or speak.

· Face becomes blue.

What require do by benefactor:

For adult people, there 3 steps as Heimlich:

1. Hold the patient body from back on the stand up position.

2. Embrace from back with the palm form the fist aiming to patient stomach, among chest and center.

3. Depress the hand fist up and in to under rib bone.

4. If foreign object do not go out, repeat until 3 times.

5. If remain fail, laying down patient with the supine position. Open the mouth and enter the finger into mouth to throw away the foreign object.

6. If remain fail, repeat the action by Heimlich way.

7. If remain fail, beginning restitution from mouth to mouth.

For Children:

1. Facing down the above arm for baby and above lap for children.

2. Beat three times between shoulders using of under color of palm.

3. If remain fail, hit three times again.

4. If remain fail, beginning restitution from mouth to mouth.

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