Saturday, March 8, 2008

Work Healthily

To Work healthily and safe require paying attention to the following matters:
1. Before start to work always have to know and remember the way of most safe to do the work.
2. Don't try something if you don't know or doubt how to do the right. Ask to your superior how to do the right one.
3. Read and pay attention to and also follow all sign of notification and memorial.
4. Reporting all condition of work and equipments which is not safe to your superior or gaffer.
5. Don't make jokes or bother your collage while working.
6. Reporting to your gaffer or superior if you don't feel well.
7. Take care of and strive to your work-place in a state of cleanness and natty.
8. Removing goods hindering alongside work traffic.
9. Don't smoke, eat and drink while you work.
10. Always remember the location of fire fighting appliance.
11. Removing anything that hindering the fire fighting appliance.
12. Learn how to use fire fighting appliance.
13. Don't clean or repair work tools while running.
14. Always off the electric current after finishing to work.
15. Don't stand up on the wet surface when using electric equipments.
16. Don't work with fire or generate heat when working in the place of flammable substance.
17. If moving of piling goods have to start from top first.
18. Lift the heavy goods correctly and as according to ability. Do with the vertical back position and use the feet muscle by genuflection first, hold the goods powerfully, then lift the goods at the same time while stand up. Don't lift the goods by bowing because can generate injure at muscle and backbone or waist.
19. All accident type have to be overcome as soon as. Look for the aid if you hesitate.
20. Ascertaining each every workplace has the supply First Aid Box by complete medicine. Worker have to know where the supply location.

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