Saturday, February 9, 2008

Diet Forever

Avoid a hard way diet, although it promote increasingly. To lose weight very fast often followed with increasing weight fast too. Even lessen and increase the weight too fast can disturb the metabolism system. So use diet rule that can maintained after the body weight have reached.

What can be eaten?

  • Eat variation food, this make many alternative health food so we will not boring.
  • Eat food that contains much fiber like fruits, bread, rice, vegetable, bean, seeds, and cereal. These foods contains low calorie but make satisfied fast.
  • Kind of flour food like rice, wheat, noodle and potatoes in a medium quantity will not make fat if not mix with butter or fried oil.
  • Chicken, fish and tofu are protein source with lower fat contains than meat.
  • Choose food that is cooked with steam, baked, boiled, set on fire or fry with a little oil. Avoid food that cooked with fried long.
  • To lessen food that much contain of sugar like chocolate, sweet meal, crackers, and soda drink.
  • Chose can food that is submerged in water not in syrup.

How to eat your food?

  • Mix milled rice with rice that is not milled one or two in a week, or eat only bread every two days.
  • Better eat boiled noodle than fried noodle, better eat white rice that fried rice.
  • Through away the fat contain under the skin of chicken and meat before cocked.
  • Use tofu or bean instead of meat twice a week.
  • Dish up a fresh vegetable with sauce (so the vitamin is not omitted). Only use sauce that is not containing oil.
  • Make a liquid soup not a concentrate soup.
  • For cook, use soybean oil, maize oil or sun flower oil and just oily to the frying pan not dropped.
  • By your household for cook that is not burnt easily
  • Lessen to drink contain alcohol. Fruit concentrate without sugar or only water is better.
  • Chewing your food slowly, and enjoy every feed, this will give a chance for your stomach fill well and avoid to eat too much.

When and Where is a good eating?

  • Eat regularly and don't less the frequency, because you can feel very hungry and will eat too much later.
  • Avoid eat snack because of habits. Eat only cause of hungry not cause of boring, frustrate or just for polite.
  • Don't eat directly take from refrigerator, trying to eat always on the table. Don't eat while watching TV, or eat while read, or eat while cooks.
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