Saturday, February 16, 2008

Health Live Way

Stop Smoking

If you stop for smoking will lessen to have lung cancer risk, heart attack and other lung diseases like bronchitis and pneumonia. Then you will seldom have flue and cough and bigger energy. Sense of feel and sense of smell will more better and seldom have a short winded.
Right Eat
  • Balance diet including eat carbohydrate, meat and fish (protein), fruits and vegetable.
  • Doe to the daily activity have down, so eat with a small portion and lessen sugar. This will prevent obesity and protect teeth.
  • Lessen salt and sauce because salt will pile water. This can cause hypertension for old people. Better using spices than ketchup, tomato sauce and chili. Avoid canning food and salty food. Eat fresh meat and vegetables.
  • Less eat fatty food to prevent the hearth diseases risk.
    Though away rest of skin and fat from meat before cook.
    Cook with steaming, boiled, and burnt, don't fry with oil.
    Use margarine not butter and avoid sweet cake.
    Don't eat eggs more than 3 pcs per week.

Lessen eat innards like heart, intestines and shrimp.

The calcium source is contained on milk (skim milk), yogurt and cheese, tinny sea fish, sardine, tofu and soybean milk, green vegetable.
Fiber source is contained on breadth, rice not milled and dry beans.

  • Drink at least 6-8 glass water or other liquid source a day, this will help on exhaust body liquid and poisonous substance. Water is the best but clear soup and fruit juice also good.
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