Sunday, February 17, 2008

Health Live Way (2)

Regular Sport

  • Always consult to doctor before begin sport. Intent to the diseases sign of chest, sort breath, joint sick or muscle cramp.
  • Sport better before eat or 2 hours after eaten. Drink enough while sport or after sport instead of sweat out.
  • Spent five minutes for warming up and cooling down.
  • Remember that your sport target are 3-5 times in a week for 15-60 minutes each practice until sweat. For the beginner start step by step, from short time and the next time more longer until the target is reached.
  • Choose a sport that you can enjoy it and invite your friend together.

Strive For Health Soul

  • Keep good relationship with the family. Spent the time for your grand son. Respect to your children adult and independent, give them advice only if ask from them. If you must stay with one of your children, choose the most suitable.

  • Always communicates with your friend. Telephone and visit them. Be friend with your neighbors and civil in your environment.

  • Use the time as good as possible.

  • Try to enjoy your new hobby like play chess, drawing, or play music.
  • Do something for others, cooks for family and help to watch your grand son when their parent on work. Helping social organization, and try to work together when the social activity do.
  • Try always to be active your brain, follow the news from TV, radio or read newspaper.
  • Discuss it with your family and friends.
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