Monday, February 25, 2008

When stop drink medicine?

Medicine with doctor certificate.

All hard medicine use a special sign in a red circle with a black circle border this meant that to drink this medicine must use doctor certificate. If your doctor or pharmacist didn't tell you yet, ask according to the medicine such as:

1. How long the medicine must be drunk?

2. If there is any side effect, can we stop to drink?

3. If you feel better, can you stop to drink that medicine?

4. What will you do if the medicines have finished to drink?

5. What need to do if you forget to drink the medicine?

Those questions are very important to ask, because every medicine can have different answer. For example of pain subside medicine can be stopped if the pain have lost, but antibiotic medicine must be finished even you feel good after 2 days. If merge side effect when drink a medicine, you must stop to drink and consult with your doctor.

Medicine without doctor certificate.

The example of this medicine are medicine that contains a paracetamol used for stopped the painful and cold down. If after two days the cold keep unchanged or not down, as soon as consult to the doctor or other health service.

Remember! All of free medicine have function make disappear the diseases indication and medicine for minor diseases. So self medicine is only for several days, if the diseases indication is not stop as soon as consult to the doctor.

The medicine without doctor certificate are:

1. Free medicine with special sign, green circle sign with black circle border.

2. Limit free medicine, use special sign, blue circle sign with black circle border.

Note: Healthy is your unmeasured wealth along live.

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