Thursday, February 28, 2008

Using Topical Medicine

Medicine type directly is smeared in the organ that needs it. There are four kind of topical medicine.

Skin Medicine
Medicine for skin can be formed in cream, ointment, liquid or transdermal glued. There are two rules on using this medicine:
  • Using as the guideline to avoid excess absorption into the blood that can cause systemic side effect. Some of skin medicine should thin smear above the skin, but other kind of medicine must be used with message.
  • Wash your hands after smear the medicine to avoid any reaction with fingers skin or can contact with eyes or mouth.

Using Ointment or Cream

  • Wash your hands
  • Clean organ will be smeared.
  • Smear medicine thinly on the organ that need.
  • Level the medicine except if forbidden to level.

Using Transdermal Glue

This kind of medicine should be glued on the skin. Medicine inside adhesive slowly enter to the skin. There are four regulation on using this medicine:

  1. Choose the part of organ with no body hair, no wound, just recover or inflamed.
  2. Clean organ with water.
  3. Clean a glued medicine on that organ and change with new one but in other place.
  4. Don't cut the adhesive to adjust the dosage.

Other kind medicine may called as Alternative Medicine.

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