Friday, June 20, 2008

Alternative Medication Using Electric Current

In a number of industrial states, some of society in the reality owns the practical and safety product proving and efficiency of using simple method for health in the form of complementary therapy and alternative. This therapy has improved fast in the world, inclusively in Indonesia.

One of therapy appliance used of electrical potential difference to human being as bioelectromagnetic. This therapy have a lot of used in Japan as prevention effort on happening of blood circulation trouble and assist to overcome some health problem among others headache and insomnia.

Pursuant to research result conducted by Laboratory of Traditional Medication or Biophysics (Batra) of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MIPA) of University Airlangga, as present by Professor of F-Mipa of University Airlangga, Prof. Dr. Ir. Suhariningsih in news media, Monday (26/5), in Jakarta, this appliance qualitative transmit the negative ion resulting change of air composition is above base surface.

Through radiation test infrared squeeze and radiation of negative ion by using digital photometer and also capacitance of a number of dots based on the construction or base stitching. Negative ion represents the life energy and has the ability clean the blood. This ion own a lot of benefit for example, degrading level serotonin (a kind of nerve hormone having the character of depressant and generate the venous stricture) in blood.

A number of other dissimilar benefit is by neutralizing superoxide (substance that function to kill the micro organism in body), sterilization of virus and bacterium in body, lessening respiration disease, widening bronchi, men take care of the normal blood circulation. Others, negative ion can be optimize cell ability permeate and exploit the oxygen and also activate the cell renewal and improve the body endurance.

That research also aim to know the chronic and acute effect of cure therapy appliance of potential difference of electrics that have high frequency (30.000 hertz) yielding negative ion and infrared ray and long wave that contains used by tourmaline technology and lonwave which is contains in it, also sanitary technology of polyuretan wave cloth at the spume. This research succeed to prove by recovering of blood glucose contains, blood stream repair , and also composition of blood and profile of lipid blood of 30’s patient of hypertension and diabetes mellitus which become the research object.

Head Leader of Gathering of Doctor of Komplementer-Alternatif Indonesia (PKKAI) hopes more of medical company or health equipments sales which can cooperate continuously. This matter is accompanied by the observation on practice and enforceable INTEREST growth in Indonesia according to Regulation of Minister for Public Health of Number 1109 Year 2007 about practical complementary and alternative medication in service.

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