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Bird Flu

Flu Bird first time known in the year 1878 at chicken in Italian area, that is known as " fowl plague". At the moment famous bird influenza disease in some state come from poultry livestock. In the year 1955 cause of flu bird diseases are founded there are type A and now more knowledgeable for type H7. By the end of 1950, types of other poultry have high pathogen of flu bird disease identified as called of type H5. The happening of flu bird found at the time cause of poultry a lot die, selective amputation and at least communications among breeder.

Process of infection "flu bird" still be unclear. Known as virus duplication happened in channel of intestine and exhalation because this epitel cell organ can yield the important enzyme to split the hemaglutinin virus to be active. The type pathogen which dangerous have the sour addition of amino apart place causing apart hemaglutinin with the broader enzyme addition to all body. In general virus earns immediately insulation from cloaca, incubation gyrate period is from some hours until one week. This depended from dose inoculants, virulent, main age and its type. Infection "flu bird" is often bewildered with the mushroom attendance, and other virus infection (For example virus of New Castle Disease, mycoplasma or some important bacterium).

Complication can grow with the use of virus vaccine live and stress of poultry in their environment (For example ventilation and density).

Clinic Marking
Clinical marking from this flu bird virus vary depended of main factor attacked (for example type, age, gender, and its infection), also type of virus of environmental factor and influenza. Some virus can cause the dangerous disease in certain type and is not catching in other type, this virus generally don't have clinical marking like wild fowl.

Infection marking is inclusive of exhalation, enteric, reproduce and annoying of nervous system. Ordinary sign happened by depression, activity dropped, feed intake and emaciation dropped. Other clinical marking is the increasing of lacrimation, cyanosis’ or fur molt certain area for example at male, bloated lead and face, diarrhoea, cough, and muccous, the increasing of irrigate consumption, green chromatic diarrhoea or turn white, produce the egg down. This symptom is became can individual or combination with other.

Virus infected at egged chicken usually influence the exhalation disease, the increasing of mortality, and produce egg down. Some dead poultry sudden without known the cause or marking before. At the broiler chicken, marking look like depression, downhill of it feed intake, the increasing of mortality. Death happened by 24-58 hours after chicken infection or ill. Some chicken can heal in a few weeks epidemic of bird flu which latterly knock over some Asian state especially in Indonesia have generated the separate care of this disease coming from poultry this can be catch at human being till cause death.

Bird Flu Definition
Bird flu or avian influenza is because of influenza virus type A of type H5N1. H5N1 own two nature of rapidly shifting: antigenic shift and antigenic drift. H5N1 can mix with the ordinary influenza virus that infect human being. Infection happened because by direct contact with the poultry or poultry dirt which infection by flu bird.

Flu Bird virus Infection
Flu Bird can infect human being when human being direct contact with the chicken or poultry which infected by flu bird. Poultry which is infected also release this virus through their feces, later run dry and fall to pieces to become a kind of powder. This powder breathed in by human being or other animal. According to WHO, bird flu easy to infect from poultry to human being compared with from human being to human being. Single way of bird flu virus can disseminate easily from human being to human being if the virus bird flu have mutation and mixed with the virus of human being flu.

Symptom of bird flu at human being
Contagious human being of virus bird flu known with the symptom generally people incurred ordinary flu like head cold, fever with the unstable body temperature, cough, pain in bone, muscle, ill of red lane and asphyxia. If aggravation can generate the acute bronchi disease menaces of somebody soul.

Prevention Effort
Possible prevention on getting this disease is avoiding direct contact with chicken or poultry that is identifying infected by bird flu. All workers in ranch, seller, driver bringing poultry product are the most profession that risk incurred by this virus, in consequence suggested to clean the hand and take a bath used up work, leaving fatigue clothes at work and clean the dirt from poultry dirt every day.

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