Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Immunization program have purposed to protect the baby from many diseases. Immunizations are giving the baby some vaccine that is stimulated the baby's body to form an antibody (body immune system). Every vaccine has function for immune to certain dieses. Many vaccines will give to the baby in a certain time or baby's age, like vaccine for tuberculoses (BCG), hepatitis B, diphtheria (DPT), whooping cough (DPT), tetanus (DPT), polio, measles (MMR), goiter (MMR), and rubella (MMR).

On giving these immunization sometime free its depend on government program. In Indonesia all of the kind of vaccine is given in free except Hepatitis B. Vaccine is given only to the health child.

The schedules on giving those vaccines are described below:

Age Vaccines


When bird BCG, Hepatitis B (dose I)

1 month Hepatitis B (dose II)

2 months DPT and Polio (dose I)

3 months DPT and Polio (dose II)

4 months DPT and Polio (dose III)

5 months Polio (dose IV)

6 months Hepatitis (dose III)

9 months Measles

6 years DT (dose I and II)

12 years TT (dose I and II; just for women)

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