Sunday, September 21, 2008

Clamp the Phone Use Shoulder Cause Stroke

Conclusive Bone gibbosity of venous channel and trigger the stroke. Commemoration in the following may be necessary paid attention by all secretaries, operator, consultant, doctor and all employees which often use telephone.

Remember, don't too often discharge the hilt phone from your hand and place it among shoulder and ear, whereas hand does other activity. It is said, such behavior can cause the stroke. those said by expert of nerve of French at Health Journal last time.

A ordinary psychiatry converse by clamp the telephone use left ear and its shoulder more than one hours, reported to suffer the light stroke. That Unlucky occurrence happened because of the effect existence of bone gibbosity deciding channel of small blood channel. According to accurate doctor team of the case, man who have age of 43 years which accustomed talk with patients in beginning just health.

But after finishing of giving consultancy to his patient, this psychiatry grip the blindness with his left eye, his left ear also likely feel a purr. Not just that, he even also confess the difficulty to converse. This condition indicate that he suffer the light stroke.

From inspection result see the existence of rip in inner artery wall from body organ of that man. this rip influence transport of blood delivery going to brain. Known that human body there are two commissioned artery gland channel the circulate blood contains oxygen from heart to the head and neck. Both of those artery channels go up sides of neck, from heart to the brain. At the scanning picture shown the existence of sharpening of bone that is called as stiloid process, causing the existence of contact among the bones (at part of neck) with the artery.

In fact, each and everyone own this two stiloid bone. Both uppermost from the sides of skull bone, precisely below ear and rear jawbone. But, bone owned by those psychiatry is longer the than usually.

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