Saturday, January 17, 2009

Buah Merah of Irian Jaya

Buah merah or Red Fruit is believed can cured Aids. Although experts have been trying for years to make AIDS drugs to cure remain only medicine still has not been found. You may feel alone does not believe the red fruit savor this one. But to savor red fruit is the best cure for AIDS. One of a clutch free from death due to AIDS is Agustina Sawery.

Agustina Sawery had decreased body weight from 50 kg to be 27 kg. He has an infection anus, liver disfunction, bercendawan mouth and lung infection. It appears that Agustina live just waiting to die. Then he came to Drs I Made Budi MS. That is already known broadly Made in Papua because often treat diseases such as cancer with red fruit extracts. Then Agustina is given red fruit extracts consumed three times a day.

Since consume red fruit started the situation improved. Body weight that had to be down to 27 kg starts increased to 46 kg. The skin is scale up at the beginning changed to normal back. Indian hair that had begun to grow again. Agustina become much more in shape.

So the world will looking for Irian Jaya of Indonesia that is not just rich of mineral but also rich of natural medicine from their forest. Untill now this fruit can't be cultivated out of the forest, may be someday will be possible to move to other place that can be cultivated to make more produce and valueable for human beeing.
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