Thursday, March 11, 2010

Charcoal As Cholesterol Medicine

This one is an experience of long pain on the body and like the flue symptom. But have giving with flu medicine don’t want to recover, and also drink of cold medicine also can’t recovered. After check by laboratory the result show value of cholesterol contains 385, very high cholesterol from the tolerant value.

Even have controlled the diet menu, sometimes people can have high cholesterol contain on their blood. As the doctor advice, should consume high price medicine in order to make lower cholesterol contains on the blood. But he don’t want to use of pharmacy medicine. Then browse on the internet to find the herbal or alternative medicine to cure cholesterol contains on the blood.

From the internet can find many kind of herbal medicine to lower the cholesterol contains, there are garlic, labu siam, seledri root, and star fruit. And the most interest is the cheapest medicine, this article is written by Vina Fitriani on the Trubus Magazine of March 12, 2007 edition. Say that coconut shell charcoal can be cholesterol medicine.

Charcoal predict can reduce of cholesterol and prevent from medicine, published by British Journal of Nutrition. A number of patient with high cholesterol cure by consume 8 g of charcoal per day the reduce their cholesterol contain to 25% from the beginning. 41% of bad cholesterol LDL (low density lipoprotein), and will doubled the ratio of HDL/LDL cholesterol, this can work well because of carbon will absorb the plugging material on the blood channel and make run well of coronary blood stream.

Then dirrectly he go to the traditional market to find coconut shell charcoal, or just find the coconut shell and burnt by your self. This charcoal then mill to be very fine, and cook with water, and drink the black solution of that water. Amazing, less then 10 days after drink that medicine, cholesterol contain reduce to 170 from 385. Then all his neighboorhood try that medicine and the result is very satisfy. All of cholesterol patient become health. Amazing, cheap medicine.

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