Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chinese Restaurant Syndrome

The strange name of this syndrome is founded on the accumulation of symptom first founded by a person who often eat on Chinese restaurant. But this syndrome also can found in the house or other shopping centre or in any restaurant either Chinese restaurant or not. This short illness is not dangerous even the symptom make worried.


This symptom merge immediately after eat:
  • Queasy
  • Cold Sweat
  • Headache, feel like unconsciousness
  • Feel hot on the face, neck, shoulder and along of back
  • Heart beat more faster

The causes can’t detect all, predict that consume too much of MSG (mono sodium glutamate). This ingredient is added to the cooking food that can react to the brain work or nerve that affected just for a moment. MSG also contain of salt that can make condition worst if victim have high blood tension.

What should do?
  • All the symptom will disappear after several minutes
  • If you feel want unconsciousness, place head between your knee or lying just on the floor without pillow on head.
  • Go to the doctor if you feel doubt about the disease.
  • Use MSG in small dose or never use MSG for your cooking
  • Avoid eat on the restaurant that usually use MSG for their cooking

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