Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How To Spot Stress

Almost all people have problem on their activity, and some of them express their stress by real acting like make others hurt or by ask other people to make of certain people become hurt. But most of them are hide their stress or share their stress with other to lessen their feeling or by doing some activity just to forget their stress for a while or express their stress on that activity. Actually the real stress will come and merge at other time, these all are hidden stress.

For a quick way to spot hidden stress, take a look at the following list. You may find you have one or more of these stress warning signals.
  •  Feeling unable to slow down and relax
  •  Explosive anger in response to minor irritation
  •  Anxiety or tension lasting more than a few days
  •  Feeling that things frequently go wrong
  •  Inability to focus attention
  •  Frequent or prolonged feelings of boredom
  •  Fatigue
  •  Sexual problems
  •  Sleep disturbances
  •  Tension headaches
  •  Migraine headaches
  •  Cold hand or feet
  •  Aching neck and shoulder muscles
  •  Indigestion
  •  Menstrual distress
  •  Nausea or vomiting
  •  Loss of appetite
  •  Diarrhea
  •  Ulcers
  •  Hearth palpitations
  •  Constipation
  •  Lower back pain
  •  Allergy or asthma attacks
  •  Shortness of breath
  •  Frequent colds
  •  Frequent low-grade infections
  •  Frequent minor accidents
  •  Overeating
  •  Increased consumption of alcohol
  •  Increased dependence on drugs
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