Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rubella Virus or CMV

The story below is taken from a parent experience on facing their child when infect by Rubella Virus or CMV.

About 5 days before Idul Fitri of November 25, Lila start non-stop weaving and always want be carried on mothers back. If will get down or left alone then she clutch the strengths to clothes or shoulder, showing sign that she very fear to descend to floor, few days that is also very fear to certain TV show advertisement, fear to see of cat, chicken, and struggle to get loose if seen by others. She usually play by her self with her toys, and like to pursue the chicken, cat, etc.

Along Idul Fitri holyday in village, it is difficult to find doctor of child specialist. Finally 3 days after holiday, back to Bandung and directly body check up and doctor said there is no disparity but sprue in her mouth, so doctor only give vitamin and antibiotic.

The child still always fussy and don’t become better, back to Jakarta all medication and non-medication method have tried, but still don’t becoming better. When in home her voice like attribute to possession by an evil spirit. Longer her body thin progressively, but she never getting flu or cold, they don’t to check to doctor again. But the condition is worse and even totally disable.

The days is passing, on someday there are any information that there are a complete child hospital, those parent immediately bring her to the hospital on December 19. After checking everything then we stay in hospital. One day after the doctor ask for CT scan checking, and one day after check, doctor reported that her have became creasing of frontage and fore brain or called as atropi lobus fronto parietalis. According to doctor this brain trouble shares cause the motoric of hand and feet become palsied and blind eye.

What is its cause, doctor tell usually because infection by virus or can also disease degenerative. What is there possibility back to normal, doctor tell usually have healed most become the child idiot. After 5 days taken care in the hospital have never clear about what virus. Each time we ask to the nurse and doctor if have handled the disease like this they always tell, “this is a rare case".

After discussing with family and friend and get other hospital reference, she moved to MMC hospital on December 23. Then as usual doctor check up all condition urine and blood. The TORCH test result get on December 30, child positively get rubella virus contains 580 iu/ml. Helping by Professor Doctor of Virus get the receipt to cure this virus infection. Doctor said this virus is not coming from animal but adult flu can contain other kind of virus beside influenza.

On curing she never see to the left side, then doctor ask to check for brain mapping test in other hospital (HS). The result indicate that there are no contact from left or right brain anymore, it is mean that this child have totally blind.

The miracle happened to child, the eyes ball beginning move but don’t brain mapping test again, she can see, crying when left out of room. Arms, foot and neck can move and stronger, begin to play with the toy using hand. She tries to roll to left and right like a baby just bird. The baby is bird twice.

Doctor said, rubella virus or CMV will broke core nerve system and oftentimes the patient do not show of fever symptom or have a cold, but oftentimes like a person who get entering a devil spirit or like mad. At adult for example there is old male patient about 24 years of age, the eyes suddenly cross-eyed or patient that suddenly getting deft or blind. A young girl about 16 years, home from camping than suddenly totally disable a day after. After cure in many place then go to this hospital and after diagnose and test, have infected by Rubella Virus.

Now Lila have totally recover, even have become a doctor in Jakarta, HMM. Congratulation to you Lila.... I just writing of your story, hope can share this story to other and can become one of reference on medication diagnose consideration.
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