Thursday, March 6, 2008

Health and Safe Work (HSW)

To maintain health, human live need health foods and beverages, cloths, competent residence for live, available reach health service and available work place that matching with physical and ability.
Other side the workplace depends on how to work, work process, kind of raw materials and equipments which can bother the health work, like:
  • Bad environmental ventilation causes the worker feel hot or bronchi trouble, especially when on dusty room.
  • Unfavorable illumination can cause eyesight trouble.
  • Tool vibration on hold can cause Raynaud Syndrome.
  • Noise can cause permanent deaf or remain to.
  • Hot atmosphere can cause tired quickly even spastic and stroke if on high heat.
  • Cool atmosphere can cause to feel stiff, even coagulation of legs and hands if residing in very old cool room very time.
  • Chemicals depend on the kind and exhaust long can cause problem to human body.
  • Dust, depend on the kind of dust can cause allergy, emphysema and trouble of other body organ.
  • Pesticide depend on type, sum up and exhaust long can cause poisoned.
One side human being have to work for live on, on the other side working to own the risk or threat for health and laboring human being safety. Therefore, the important matter how effort to prevent or minimize the risk.
Health influence the work capacities or work ability of somebody, on the contrary a work can influence the health and working safety, because work represent the physical burden and also bounce for worker which is depend on its work type. Indisposed environment and unhealthy work place represent the additional burden for worker. On this matter we can use Five S for conditioning our work place.

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