Monday, February 18, 2008

Prevent Accident

As example in Singapore about 600 of advance age died due to an accident. More people become physical defect either temporary or permanent defect. The common causes of accident such as:
· Traffic accident
· Fall
· Pressed
· Fired
Risk Factor
Several factor that increase the risk factors for old people are:
· Physical changes cause of aging process like worse on sight, sense of hearing and balancing.
· Disability cause of diseases like arthritis, stroke, or strong less of muscle.
· Confusion cause of spirit depression, drug, alcohol or diseases.
· House lightings are not good
· Ledger and stage room
· Slippery floor, loose carpet or folded and liquid spray on the floor.
If you stay alone and no body knows that you have a faithless, will need longer time to get help.
Make Your House Safe
· Install a bright lamp in the dark corner, and the stage. Install button in side of bed make easier if wake up in the night.
· Don't use a slipper floor, avoid small carpet and loose.
· Use simple furniture, set the room so there are a wide way to bath room, kitchen, doors and windows. Choose sofa with smooth or round corner.
· Stop for a while when go from bright to dark room, this will give a chance to eyes adaptation.
· Don't use crossway cable installation, and use wall fan or ceiling fan.
· Use shower and avoid use basin or use plastic chair for take a bath.
· Buy a mug with a strong handle. Avoid to boil a drink or soup. As soon as possible to dry a spilled water.
· Use sandal or shoes that is not slippery, if necessary use a stick to walk.
· Don't smoke especially on the bed room.
· Be a friend with your neighborhoods, and make a signal alarm if that is any critical situation.

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