Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First Aid Tips

What will you do the emergency condition?

The below are the tips that you can do when on emergency condition.

1. Check:

· Airway:

Make sure that airway is not blocked with the tongue, mucus or other strange thing.

· Breathing:

Check the breathing, if needed make and artificial breath.

· Circulation:

Check the pulse, if the pulse is not feel, resuscitation heath-lung.

2. Do Fast! Every second is means.

3. Don't lift or move victim that have serious injured on the neck or back bone except being forced.

4. Ask someone else to call the ambulance and doctor, while you do for first aid.

5. Don't pull victim clothes with burning injured.

6. Keep calmly and make the victim calm down.

7. Don't give a drink to unconsciousness victim or the consciousness down.

8. Don't wake up the unconsciousness victim by shacking victim.

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