Sunday, March 16, 2008

When work any Thunder

While work suddenly come rain with thunder, don't shelter below tree and in free field, shelter to countrified and enter into house. Don't tune the transistor radio in the middle of farm, don't tune the TV or other electronic equipments which is attributed to a electrics otherwise accompanied with the good grounding at electrics installation.

Safety Equipment for Offshore Worker

For working offshore always bring safety equipment like inner tube of car and first aid equipments. Accident of offshore work oftentimes happened because of bad weather. Bring always pumped inner tube in enough number. Equipments of First Aid needed if happened accident or nipped a noxious animal. This supply minimizes to contain the cotton, mercurochrome, plaster, band, headache drug, oil of wind and ammoniac if stung jellyfish.

Beside that, all offshore workers require to be provided with the protective clothing like thick clothes, hat, head cover and eyeglasses.

When Worker Sick

When body feel a pain, fever or have a cold, avoid the heavy work even on the contrary have to a lot of rest to sleep, eat the healthy food and don't work. Wind, sun and cold whether make worse of the disease. Disease which often knock over the worker for example coughing, asphyxia, fever, itchy husk etcetera.

Do After Work

1. Clean the equipment for work and keep in a safe place.

2. Keep away the dangerous tools/substance from children reach.

3. Change the overalls, clean separately from clothes of other and children clothes.

4. Clean the hand and take a bath clean until.

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