Saturday, March 15, 2008

Safety Equipment to Work

Worker should use safety tools keeping in good health and working safe when work. The important protector appliance and need are:
· Apron/body cover of overalls body
· Mouth and nose cover
· Ears plug
· Hands glove
· Safety Google
· Hat or helm
· Shoes that suit with the working condition
· Work suit
Rest is need to your body; take a break for 5-10 minutes after working continuous for 2 hours. Function of the rest is to cure the energy and keep health.
Work with the same body position continuously can make the muscle become the pain. Try always changing the position during working. It can be interspersed by light sport in place.
When lift something too weight, be careful to keep by the right position, injured that often happen are:
· Injure the backbone muscle.
· Born down upon
· Falling down
Work with pesticide
If using pesticide of mosquito exterminator, Cockroach, mouse etc., must be careful. Pesticide And other insect exterminator represent the poisonous chemicals for human being. Poisoned can be happened if the chemicals hit the husk, breathed in exhalation, eaten or hit eye. Here is the guidance to follow:
  •  When bring the pesticide bottle, make sure the label still is clear and intact. Put in a special place which is far from children reach, far from food-stuff and eat appliance, far from water source and locked. Pesticide place have to closed, may not leak, may not be incurred a direct sunshine and may not incur rainwater. Room pesticide repository has to enough with ventilation.
  •  When prepare the pesticide to use, all husk, mouth, nose and head have to be closed.
  •  When spraying have to the same direction with the wind direction. Don't eat, drink or moment cigarette spray.
  • Clean all wear clothes that use to spray, clean the hand and all legs and hands with the soap before eating.
  •  Can and wrap pesticide and also other insect exterminator have to be buried in hole which is far from water source.

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