Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eyes Treatment

Eye diseases can because of passed on or environment like myopic or farsighted, or cause of both combination. You can do nothing of that reason but you can eliminate environment factor by take care the eyes health and intention on using your eyes.


Sight sense are very valuable thing, by always to care and keep your eyes its mean that you perpetuate your sight sense. This must do from bird until you die.


Eyes Treatment for the Baby

Here is the guideline:

·         Keep the face towel clean because the eyes are very sensitive get infection. The tower for face should be different from towel for mouth after eating.

·         Wipe the baby eyes softly to the eye corner one or twice a day (etc. when take a bath).

·         Take care, the baby's nails always short and use hand glove for baby to avoid rub the eyes.

·         Avoid hold something close to baby's eyes, minimum 30 cm.

·         Check if the baby's eyes put out liquid. As soon as consult to pediatrician if happened.

·         Check if there is a cross-eyed, that is the eyes see two directions in the same time. If any up normal condition as soon as consult to the doctor. A cross-eyed can repair or medicine if early known.

·         Protect the baby's eyes from sun directly, either inside or outside of home. Check the baby's bed for sleep if directly exist of sun. Use a hat or head cover when go to outside.

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