Saturday, February 23, 2008

Take Care Eyes for Children on School

After child beginning read and write alone, parent need adapt to the house environment with the children need for prevent eyes tired.

Adapt to house environment
  • Choose table and chair so the eyes have distance 30-40 cm from the table. For children on fast growing, use chair that can adjustable the high or use cushion.
  • If possible use chair with hands supporting for reading. This will make child always on up right position to read, not with laying on bed or on the floor.
  • Us a bright lamp and lay in the right position. For example for left-handed child the lamp lie on the right shoulder side, show no shadow when write.

Eyes Check Up

  • If child use spectacles, check in the doctor every 2 years.

Practice Eye movement everyday

  • Move up, right, down and left the eye ball slowly five times a day. Repeat with other direction movement. This practice for driven eyes muscle and keep the eye form.
  • Make sight focus to near distance and far in turn. This movement to practice ligament and the apparatus on sight focus.
  • Using finger tip, fine message the fore head on the eye brow and around the eyes. Even difficult to get real proven, this practice given to the Chinese school to avoid nearsighted.
  • Cross-Eyed on Children
    Belief: Every baby has a cross-eyed.
    Reality: Wrong, baby’s eye movement is unable to coordinate in the beginning. But baby can arrange the eye ball movement after 3 months.
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