Friday, March 21, 2008

Helping For Electric Shock and Poisoned

Electric Shock

Heavy electric shock will cause to faint and super singe and possible exhalation desist. Don't touch the patient until you sure that the electric current have broken.

Guidance to Help of Electric Shock

1. Check if still connects to electric current.

2. If still connected, break the connection from electric central.

3. Pull out the cable from electric plug.

4. Use isolator to move or pull the electric equipment that still run or break. Isolator like dry wood, plastic chair, rubber shoes, roll of paper and others. Don't use metal tools.

5. If victim stop for breath, do mouth to mouth resuscitation.

6. If heartbeat desist, do CPR ( Cardio Pulmo Resuscitation), to do CPR should by experienced or trained people, because any fault treatment can cause other injure.

7. If victim have a normal breath, lay down the victim in the healing position.


First aid for poisoned people depend on the victim condition is consciousness or unconscious. Generally after have first aid victim must be:

1. Bringing victim to nearest hospital.

2. Ask other for contacting the hospital that will coming poisoned victim, and inform them about what kind of poisoned, how much of poisons, how long have enter the body.

3. Bring the poison rest, in order to determine the poisons and anti poisons.

Guidance for Helping:

If victim is Unconscious:

1. Don't give anything to victim mouth.

2. Don't try so that the victim vomits, because of hiccoughed danger of vomits. If vomit by self lay down in the healing position.

If victim is consciousness:

Ask the victim or family what kind of poisoned. Check the lips, tongue and red lane if there is inflammation injure. If there is, the poisoned contains corrosive substance. For this must consult with a doctor.

Kind of chemicals poisoned can alkali, ammonia, acid, brighteners or others.

1. Gargling mouth well

2. Don't try making victim for vomit.

3. Determine the poisoned kind.

· If acid, give 1 to 2 glass of milk or water if no milk available.

· If ammonia or cleaning agent, give 1-2 glass of water.

· If alkali or brighteners, don't give anything through the mouth.

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