Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cure Your Gout

Keep health after 50 always difficult, but many people use more consisten of alternative medicine. Alternative medicine become a choice by many people because many people afraid of negative effect when using chemicals as medicine. Such as Uric Acid contains or Gout, can not be cured in fast way, beside by tight diet in right way also continuous cure by certain medicine.

We all will feel the same way if our body feel not well or feel pain on part of our body such as if we have goat or uric acid. We will feel pain on and sometime for long time. The Patient often can not be patience of their pain, and often try many medicine and change often. This also can cause of traditional medicine can cure of many diseases, like uric acid, diabetes and even cancer. So people often feel doubt of the benefit. After using of many medicine actually they don’t know what the effect of certain medicine to our diseases.

Because of using uncertainty medicine, sometime people say that our diseases because of the myth and they advice be cured by myth too. Many people using of traditional medicine using vary of plant that can use for cure of gout, such as Salam leaf, buah merah, soda stone and many others. Those all medicine of course have good effect to our body and even not direct effect but actually can stabilize our metabolism system. Those medicine cannot cured fast but slow they will change our metabolism system and will make built our health.

But very rare people will patience of their diseases and often want change with other drug that can cure faster. Doctor usually use a painless medicine like analgesic to omitting the painful feel and people will feel better but actually don’t cure their diseases, and just in few days will feel pain again. These will repeatedly on and on.
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