Sunday, July 26, 2009

Overcoming of Obesity

One effective effort to reduce risk factors, especially with all complication of Obesity, Obesity with a complication is the most risk factors of aging early, and then many dieases will come like gout, diabetes, hypertension and many others.

In Indonesia, low quality of life, including low of life expectancy is lower than other countries in Asia and the high death rate.

Aging process is occurs beginning from womb till elderly. This is not only a problem related to appearance or aesthetics, but also organs ability. When organ function disturbed because of illness, physiological age of someone can older than age so that the quality of life decreased.

Obesity is one of the things that influence the development of the disease and quality of life. According to dr Suharto from of Sports Medicine Specialist Physician Club, Obesity associated with a risk difference like cardiovascular such as coronary heart, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, age and life expectancy.

Obesity include of chronic diseases that is hard to cure. Prevention is more effective than cure, when the patient still overweight. Obesity therapy often involve two aspect, lessen eating by dieting and increasing of out with sports. This program often fail to get success.
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