Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Be Careful to Consume Strengthen Sex Drugs

Drugs that contain metiltestosteron and mixed with an active material can have side effects include interference in the liver that can lead to hepatitis and even liver cancer.

If you have health problems that are very disturb interference violence, sexual problem can be one of them. Lately sexual harassment issues, particularly in men, become the warm discussed. Start from medicine spreading, herbal medicine, or supplements that adding of sexual passion violates the provisions of the pro-contra matter of the actual chemicals that are stored in the 'strong medicine'. Lately the head of the Foundation for Consumer Health Indonesia (YPKKI) dr SE Widjajarta Marius reveal lots of information delivered over the product manufacturer of adding sexual passion to the customer. "Many tend to the fraud," he said.

Use stimulant medicines are prohibited, for example the use of Metiltestoteron has banned. Pharmacologic from FKUI dr Amir Syarif SpFK recognize drug side effects cause such disruption in the liver that can lead to hepatitis and even liver cancer. When used by people aged 50 years and above can cause interference urine expenditure, he explained. Amir says adding sexual passion product consists of two groups, namely herbal products and modern products, which should enter in the list G (purchased under a prescription).

Herbal medicine or herbal products must be safe. However, during this time herbal medicinal product only tested free of contamination by the Food and Drugs Supervisors (POM). He suggested that herbal products are tested at least acute toxicities, because the product was purchased by a consumer is free. He gave an example, ginseng in China are already testing toxicities. When you use more than 3 grams of ginseng per day can cause abuse syndrome (hypertension, can not sleep, anxiety, diarrhea). In response to this, Head of POM Drs Sampurno MBA stated in 2001 they have found as many as 155 types of traditional 'tonic', both foreign and local products are not registered.

Example of a traditional medicine that is not listed in Health Board found, among others: Big Men Super Oil, Biul Oil, jamaica Oil, Handsome Oil, Hy Sex For Men, Jamu Kuat Bersenggama, Japan Men Spray, Jeli Pelicin dan perangsang, Jerman Sex Tonic, Kayu Sanrego, Long Love Oil, Macho Men Tablet, Magic Power Tissue, Oil Naga Cina Super, Oil Pay Thok for Lady, Oil Pfizer, Oil Super Strong, Pil Ajaib, Playboy Capsule, Pro Libido Capsul [USA], Rapat Vagina Mpot-mpot Super, Royal Jelly, Sari Rapat Sanrego, Sari Rapat Super Kapsul, Sexy Oil USA, Stud 007, Super Hot Kapsul [USA], Super Joss China Kapsul, Dragon Sex Kapsul, Darling Cream, Oil Macho Man, Oil Multifungsi, Oil India, TV Oil, Viagra Oil, Wel Enjoy, Woman Oil, Tangkur Putih, Swordman sexual dragee, etc.

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