Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cure Advice of the Myth

This is just the myth, so don't be trusted and do not trapped by various wrong view about make in love, let us review the correction with clarification hereunder from the sex expert.
  • SOP KONRO RACE ENTHUSIASM -This food often considered as "drug" to increase enthusiasm, as does mutton. Actually there is no connection fondly sexual. This food if we consume in fair portion, only limited to assisting to open the blood stream and give the extra energy because contents of high protein. So do not believe of that myth.
  • STRONG TONIC (JAMU) MAKES STRENGTH -This one unnecessary be trusted. We exactly have alert with bombast advertisement telling specific tonic for example gist; sari of strong "sari rapet" and can mount the sexual enthusiasm. Its contents is not very clear, oppositely often very doubting of. Differ from the healthy tonic, for example rice of koempheria galanga or kind of which is true can be pledged to increase vitality and body freshness. That is cause of those who is annoyed by hard work that cause ill used up very suggested to drink the healthy tonic. Besides a lot of sleep/take a rest and consume the well-balanced nutritious food make body's energy is convalesce immediately, quicker cure Energy of course will quicken also awakening of sexual enthusiasm.
  • HONEY ADD ENERGY -Consume honey usually more motivate compare with didn't. This matter is justifiable because vitamin contains in the honey believed able to give an additional energy. But if drink only when will make in love, of course its influence do not as soon as that will be felt. As does we take medicine, not possible have direct heal if just once drink. Honey is not alternative medicine but its really help on recovery from diseases.
  • EGG PARROT IMPROVE THE SPERM QUALITY -Actually egg benefit do not have the specific character or direct improve the sexual enthusiasm or even make the sperm quality become good. But assist improve the body health in general. Aren't they believed that the healthy body also own high Libido, easy to stimulate, and progressively goodness/healthy also sexual life?
    It suggested consuming boiled egg compared to half done or raw egg. Its problem, protein which contains in egg inclusive of digested difficult as does animal protein like flesh which must be cooked in advance.
  • EGGPLANT CAUSE TO WEAKEN -There is no scientific proofing. Probably because people are so fetched up all standing of equation form the eggplant with the penis. Though, even it seem similar, penis fulfilled by automatic veins will be loaded full that happened by Libido make-up or in a state of stimulated. For a while eggplant, however will stand to weak after cooked because its structure differ. So, merely myth, isn't it?
  • PINEAPPLE & BANANA MAKE MUDDY -Pineapple and banana contain certain vitamin required by body, especially vitamin C and potassium in banana which exactly useful to take care of the body dilution. Moreover wet condition frankly represent the natural forerunner that wife party have ready to accept the warm feeling from her husband, while dry condition oppositely; will generate chafed and feel the pain which will torture of both.

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