Thursday, February 14, 2008

Keep Health After 50

Aging Process

Aging process is beginning from when we born. This natural process is going on, the influence that caused this process is different for everyone. The aging process is may going on in the different age and different way. A part of people are more active on 50 years old, even every part of our body also different. Hair may have whiten and the face skin also have wrinkled but still able sport for one hour every morning. The changing start on 40, smooth wrinkle, hair become thin, white hair and joint become stiff, some people have farsighted.


On 50s, skin begin loose the elasticity and emerging brown spot, muscle strength down, and the bone become thin. For women are starting menopause and no menstruation anymore. For men still able have child but need longer time erection.


On 70s, the senses become changed, sense of sight lessens, sense of hearing also lessens, and senses of taste lessen. On 80s, urine womb become difficult to control and remembering power of last act become worst. But the intelligence is not down with the adding age, if there are any lessen maybe because of some diseases, even the ability to solve the problem is increased.


The below is the tips for anticipate the changes and advice for keep active on your golden age.

To control the changes for;



·         Use moisturizer like lanolin after take a bath for pretend of skin dried and lessen the wrinkled.

·         Avoid to go out on the hot day or use an umbrella or using sun resist liquid.

·         Use hands glove when washing cloth and don't use strong detergent.



·         Use light shampoo every 3-4 days.

·         Wash your hair with cold water or warm water, warm water will alleviate of hair root.

·         Use hair color if the color changes are disturbed.



·         Check the eyes if the sight sense is lessen may need new glasses.

·         Keep your lamp is bright enough.


Sense of Hearing:

·         Avoid aloud sound.

·         Consult with doctor if the sense of hearing is lessened.



·         For old people still enjoyed of sex but for men need longer time for erection.

·         For old women may need water dissolved jelly for oily the vagina.

Urine Womb:

·         If going difficult to control urine womb, ask for doctor advice. Usually able to treat.

·         Use pampers to lessen inconvenient.


Muscle and Heart:

·         Regular sport will strengthen muscle, lung, and hearth.

Fast walking, riding bike, swimming are better sport for old people.

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