Monday, July 28, 2008

Six Serious Symptom Flu

Don't neglected if you have of the flu symptom which you might possibly included in serious symptom. If you are experience of this symptom immediately check to doctor for further handling.

The following are serious symptoms you should know:

  • Difficult to breath

Besides nose stuffed up and generally muscle felt a pain, fever or flu do not ought to make you of difficult to breath and ill at chest. If this which you feel, this possible not merely simply symptom flu. Can possible other dissimilar disease like heart sickness, asthma, pneumonia or other diseases. In consequence immediately contact to doctor.

  • Continuously Fever

If you experience of the continuous fever possibly any additional infection symptom inside your body which ought to immediately get treatment.

  • Vomit and cannot detain to dehydration

In a state of heavy flu, body requires dilution to protect from dehydration. If difficult to take care of, better be direct to hospital to get direct injection.

  • Feel Bitter to swallow

This flu symptom in fact is not ordinary. Although a few/little this inconvenient happened when you swallow can come from red lane pain, feel the likelier pain of infection symptom or other dissimilar ill which require getting the doctor treatment.

Cough which does not want to go only resulted from by run dry after sick of red lane which is enough dosed with the antihistamine. But if coughing hold out to dive more than 2 until 3 weeks, checking to doctor can possible infection.

Fever and allergy earn caused stuffed up and gagging of at sine can trigger the sine infection. If you experience of this matter, don't conduct the ordinary medication, go to doctor for the healing of with antibiotic.

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