Friday, July 25, 2008

Radiation and Cancer

Radiation light can cause cell growth more active than a normal, certain cell on our body than affected by radiation ray sometime grow faster than others. This Strange growing called as tumor or cancer. Radiation itself can come from tools that is used a radiation light, or from environment like sun light. Tools that use radiation light like in hospital, industry, nuclear reactor, research institution and many others.

This is reported by AMA – Australia about their founding about cancer in related of using radiation light in their hospital. The Australian Medical Association (AMA) believes there is a minimal risk to cancer patients who have been caught up in a bungle at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. For two years up to July 2006, more than 700 patients received a 5 per cent reduction in their radiation dosage from one of four machines.

South Australia's Health Department is notifying those patients and has launched an independent inquiry. The AMA state president Dr Peter Ford is urging patients to contact SA Health.

"There are individual circumstances that have to be examined here and I think every person who had treatment in that period and who has been notified by the department should follow up with the department," he said.

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