Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Teeth Grown

Milk teeth are important for child that is used for good eating. Milk teeth are also important for directing for permanent teeth that will change it because milk teeth will fell out by itself, then permanent teeth will grow instead of the milk teeth. In existing of milk teeth will stimulate for jaw growing and will adapt to the bigger permanent teeth. The front teeth have function in help for speak with right spelling.

The first milk teeth usually merge on 6 moths old. Along two years later all milk teeth have merge completely, ten in upper jaw and ten in lower jaw. Even seldom, sometimes the baby just bird have very small and smooth teeth. These are an early grown milk teeth or called as neonatal teeth that is not very strong stuck to the jaw. These neonatal teeth will fell out after several weeks. These neonatal teeth sometimes must be pulled out if disturb on giving suck. When the first milk teeth start to grow, the baby may nervous and often crying. Usually the baby want to bite something, give them safe thing to bite. If the baby have a fever give them paracetamol syrup and wet compress, if there is no effect, go to the doctor to check if any other dieses.

To keep the health of teeth is very important with keep clean, good diet and always to consult with a dentist.

To clean the baby’s teeth.
Although the baby’s teeth have not grown yet, clean the baby’s gums with a wet soft cloth. After the first toot grown, clean with a soft towel and clean with a baby’s toot brush after eating without tooth paste. On the 18 moths old, teach the baby to rinse the mouth and spit. Only if the baby can spit correctly, then use a tooth paste. Many tooth paste contains a fluoride special for children. Avoid to use a sweet tooth paste, this make the child to swallow. If the child often swallow tooth paste that contains fluoride then will make the permanent teeth grown with white spotted, cause the permanent teeth is on growing now. You must brush the child’s teeth until they can brush by themselves.

Diet for teeth Grown
Advise to give a health diet and balance that rich of calcium like milk and cheese for strong development of teeth and bones. Avoid meal that rich of sugar like sweat drink, candy and chocolate. Always drink cooked water and eat fresh fruits. After eat a candy or something sweet, be sure to brush the teeth. Avoid to suck something sweet too long in mouth. Don’t let the baby always suck the bottle when sleep.

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