Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gum Abscess

You can feel with your finger if there is a bloated gum and pain, sometime have released matter. Sometime heal but recurrence later.

Common Cause

This Abscess cause by infection at top grow on the tooth or tooth around bloated gum or infection, or both. If not cured can cause swelling in face shares.

What you can do?

Ø Take medicine anti pain if needed and don't bitten upon part of ill tooth.

Ø Use the warm salt water to gargle (put salt into warm water and hushed just in ill mouth shares) every finish eating to clean those shares.

Ø As soon as check to the dentist.

Dentist Act for You

Ø For toot infection, the infection sack has to be cleaned.

Ø It depends on the infection weight, may be necessary treatment tooth root.

Ø At extreme case, needing antibiotic and possible require to be abstracted.

Ø At the apical infection (root of tooth), needing treatment tooth root if tooth can be saved.

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