Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eleven Ways to Take Care your Health Soul

Dears Friend............
I may have no time to share the food with you but may I to share the knowledge to you about my opportunity only want to submit 11 Healthy Way Of Living, pursuant to experience, here is:
  1. Healthiest food and beverage, is not delicious and costly food or beverage, but food which can share with those who do not have, silent in puckish, and thirst in starving for.
  2. Best Make Up is not costly make up from salon, but make up that we can give smile heartfelt as humanlike.
  3. Heaviest duty is not overtime duty until morning and allows release of soul, but learn and learn to control the passion owned, particularly when we are angry and slandered without any reasons.
  4. Interesting clothes is not clothes which have famous trade mark, but clothes which we can pass to those who tremble chilled, and full of limitation.
  5. Best shoe is not shoe from developed countries, but shoe that becoming footgear for poppa clan at the end of one's rope, for child - impecunious child want go to school, for the man who heat of because of public road asphalt.
  6. Good house is not luxury and luxuriant house, but house which is decorated by meaningful words, and also become the protector for very requiring motherless and impecunious clan need of place for sheltered.
  7. Best vehicle is not newest vehicle output, but vehicle which ever draw near to us to do the kindliness, vehicle which can squiring us from religious place to other religious place to get God Bless.
  8. Best cleverness is not infinite of knowledge, but knowledge which can be divided to whom need it, and can giving clear expectation in reaching for future which they are expected.
  9. The most beautiful face/looker is not white face smoothly without pimple, but face which ever decorated with tear to ask apologize when she doing wrong and - candid face in accepting all God’s rule.
  10. Lips respected is not red lips of pomegranate basin which chap, but lips which wet to ever mention His name, glorious of His highness, and lip which ever obviate them self from cheated and hurting others.
  11. The most interesting eye is not black, green or blue eyes, but eyes which ever touched by seeing grief and others difficulty, and immediately help as they owned.
That's a few psychological sciences which can be submitted............
Hopefully can give the benefit which can be contemplated
At one blow become the worthwhile contemplation. Amen.
I am not forgetting to sorry if any article which does not make pleasure to you.....

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