Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gout or Uric Acid

Uric acid is always produce by our body, but in our body there is an organ that control the concentration on blood so doesn’t make any trouble. Uric acid can make our muscle pain for certain exceed concentration, for young people can tolerate more higher than adult people. Uric acid is including one that cause rheumatic, but rheumatic itself can cause from many reason. Uric acid problem usually called as Gout diseases. If this diseases lets and don’t cure, sometime the kidney can’t handle and uric acid can crystallize and become stone on kidney, and the problem will more serious.

Uric acid is a result of body metabolism by one of protein element, puric substance and kidney are organ arranging its rate stability in body and will bring the rest of uric acid to urine dismissal. But if excess of acid contents, kidney can't be able to arrange it so the excess will accumulate on muscle and joint. Automatically, kidney also will have problem. High concentration of uric acid cause the pain in joint and muscle, if have very serious, can cause the patient cannot walk.

The traditional medicine of uric acid patient as bellows:

Sour sop fruit just eat every day or can make a juice.
  • Laurel like leaf 7 pcs is boiled using 2 glass of water, and lets the water vapor until the rest become 1 glass. Drink every day, morning and evening.

  • Squash is grated then filtered and take the filtrate, drink every day.2 tablespoon of apple vinegar mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey of the size one honey spoon added with warm water 50 cc and drink twice a day during 1 week in the morning and before sleep in the night.
  • Raw potato and green apple make a juice.
Beside drink those medicine, the food below should be avoided:
  • Fermented drink and contains alcohol such as beer, whisk, wine, and others.
  • And never eat lobster, clam, oyster, crab.
  • Many of canned food such as sardines, ox cornet.
  • Various entrails like liver, kidney, heart, brain, hepar, spleen, intestine.
  • Certain fruit like durian, avocado and coco ice.
While the following food should be lessened:
  • Fish, mutton, chicken, ox
  • Tempe, chips emping (gnetum gnemon), bean, pie.
  • Some of vegetable such as broccoli, spinach, kangkung, col and sprouts.
Uric acid can be cured just by eat of Soursop fruit every day or Soursop Juice.I also suffer of these diseases, last day I feel very pain on my foot and back, and just drink a glass of laurellike leaf, and just twice a day and just one day I drink this medicine, and now feel better. Don't be affraid of this diseases, just try the traditional medicine, cheap and very effective.
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