Monday, December 21, 2009

Heart Attacks First Aid

Heart attacks can happen anytime and anywhere, even when person is sitting relaxed or a walk. Many people who died because of late to help. For that, you should know exactly how long time available to do relief against heart attack patients.

"Critical time (time window) which is owned by the patient heart attack to give immediate relief is 90 to 120 minutes after the attack occurred, 'said Prof.. Dr. Dr. Teguh Santoso, SpPD, KKV, SpJP, FIHA, FACC, FESC in seminar treatment of coronary heart disease using the technique 'Sequent Please ', in Medistra Hospital, Jakarta, Thursday (19/11/2009).

Reveals time is included travel from home to hospital, the traffic to help decide what should be taken against patients. The success of the rescue of a heart attack is also depending on how many areas are experiencing blockages. The less of blocked area is greater the possibility of recovery.

"For the first aid to heart attack patients assisted by providing a chewable aspirin, because this medicine will work faster. Aspirin is useful for helps thin the blood, "said Teguh. Coronary heart disease or heart attack is the most widely disease caused sudden death. According to WHO data until the year 2008, coronary heart disease stills the main cause of death in the amount of 12.2 percent or approximately 7.2 million deaths worldwide.

A heart attack itself is caused by a atherosclerosis, hardening of blood vessels due crust is attached. Crust is getting more and more stacking which can clog blood vessels coronary causing people to become quickly exhausted and shortness of breath.

"Patients who had a heart attack are usually felt pain around the breastbone and the center of this pain spread up to the neck and left arm, "says expert cardiology and intervention in this disease.

Chest pain due to reduced blood flow can be very affect the quality of life. Various studies
showed chest pain in heart attack can resulted in several organs in the body can not be
function properly.

A heart attack can result in sudden death usually caused by the closing of blood vessels totally. The average heart attack patient who died by delays in aid, heavy attacks and patient’s ability to issue operations.
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