Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aids Attack Productive Age

The number of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV /AIDS) cases in Denpasar until now recorded 1284 cases from 2829 cases in Bali.

"From the amount of about 48 percent cases in Denpasar, 51.63 percent of those are the productive age population," said the chairman of the National AIDS Commission (NAC) of Denpasar City, I Gusti Ngurah States on Tuesday.

At the opening of tutors training student care of AIDS groups, he said, a disease that attacks the immune system should be known early on by teens, so they can anticipate avoiding contagion.

"HIV is very difficult to detect and just can be known through a blood test that is often described as an iceberg phenomenon. This is certainly very worried and demanding attention and serious concern of all parties," he said.

He said, the movement of HIV and AIDS in Indonesia today has changed from low epidemic concentration to epidemic concentration. While the patient at the age of range 15-49 years.

"To overcome these condition, government efforts have been made that increasing the role of small student groups regardless of AIDS and Drugs (KSPAN)," he said.

Ni Wayan Purnasih, the chairman of committee's activities said the purpose of this training is provide the same understanding about the dangers of HIV and AIDS. So that students will be expected to be able to explain to the environment and at the same time understand the dangers of HIV and AIDS.

"The training was attended by 82 people comprising of 38 students of high schools and vocational secondary schools (SMA/SMK) and 44 junior high school school (SMP) in Denpasar," said Purnasih.

While in Indonesia HIV and AIDS cases cumulative from January 1987 until March 31, 2009 consisted of 6668 HIV cases, 16,964 AIDS cases. So that the total reached 23,632 cases, with the 3492 mortality.

The number of cumulative AIDS cases according to risk, among them are reaching 8210 heterosexual, and homosexual reach 628 peoples, injecting drug users reached 7125 peoples.

Then prenatal transmission or pregnant mothers who transmitted to baby reaches 390, and did not know why reach 611 cases. The cumulative proportion of AIDS cases by the age group among them, under one year about age 135, ages one to four years about 175, ages five to fourteen years about 88. While the age of 30 to 39 years reach to 4997, aged 40 to 49 years reach to 1427, aged 50 to 59 years reach to 404, age above 60 years reach to 91, and unknown age patient reaches about 558 cases.

Most AIDS cases come from West Java region with 3162 cases, DKI Jakarta in 2807 cases, East Java with the 2652, Papua reach to 2499, and 1263 cases in Bali.
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