Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Osteoporosis can Attack Young People

Osteoporosis or bone loss usually affects just by old people, but it is not true, in fact osteoporosis can affect young people, although just small number of peoples.

Why this can happen? Less of activity from child to adult become the cause of this problem. Osteoporosis exist because of the bone concentration too low. This situation also accelerated by changes in lifestyle of modern people, who want fast-paced and easy that make of unbalance of diet composition.

Lack of knowledge about osteoporosis is also one of the causes of this disease merge. This evidenced is proved by the lack of people consume calcium, average consume only 254 mg/day, whereas according to international standards people require milk consumption up to 1000 to 1200 mg/day.

Osteoporosis does not familiar of gender, but most sufferers are women, why is that? Osteoporosis diagnose as Mr. Prof. Dr. dr. Ichramsyah A Rahman SPOG(K) from subunit immune endocrinology Reproduction of Obstetric Department and Gynecology FKUI, generally difficult to found by clinical method. Because there is no pain feel on the bone when osteoporosis happened. Osteoporosis source is multifactor. Those factor are include bad life style, less of sport and less of nutrient. Beside any risk factor that can’t be modified such as age, gender, family history and so on.
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