Wednesday, July 2, 2008


As usual after back from the office, he directly sits down to take a rest and relax for a while. He seems very lazy to take a bath and directly pray to God.

Children and his wife gathering in rest room, while he sits in the terrace are blown by light breeze. After for certain time merges some people but face doesn't be seen, wear a white chasuble with stick in hand suddenly stand in front of him.

He was very surprised with his coming, before have time to ask... who is he?.... Suddenly feels his chest oppress... difficult to breathe.... but he keep try for remain to breath for air.

He feels that there is something moves in the chest very slowly, and keeps moving, his throat is pain, very painful. His tear is drop down, to detain the painful feeling. Oh My God! What happened to me! He said. While his condition is difficult to breath, those think is forcing exit from his body.

Likely, he does not able to arrest; detain the mentioned object... My body trembles the... rapid sweat out fast ... his eyes open widely..... His tears likely do not desist.His hands & feet spastic for a second after that object leave him. He see the mentioned object brought by that mysterious people... go... elapsing off hand.... lose from view, but after that he feels very light, healthy, fresh, shining, not as before.

He surprise .. my wife & children where on the rest room, suddenly surprised run into him. There he see the body lye down precisely under the sofa which he sit on. His body is cooled with its husk is blue. Who is him???????... Why my children and my wife embrace him at the same time ... they cry …. Hysterically... particularly my wife seems won't to discharge that body. Who is him?

How surprised him when his face up at the opposite of. he…. look like him. What is this God? He try to draw his wife's hand but do not able to..... He tries to huddle up his children but cannot. He try to explain if that is not him. He try to explain, "I am here!" ..He scrim … but they can't hear him and don't see him.

They all cry on, he realizes, that he was died. The mysterious creature has taken his spirit. He was died. He was left them, he scrim …. he cry ….. he was said, he regret, he can't make them happy, have no time to guiding them, but his time was up, he was died after working all day and rest on sofa….
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