Sunday, October 15, 2017

Take Care For Children

Take Care For the Children in Three First Years:

For Mother:

  • Mother’s milk should be given to the baby every time without any preparation.
  • To give a mother’s milk will help a mother’s womb (uterus) back to the normal size.
  • To give a mother’s milk will prevent or hold on menstruation coming after gave birth. This will avoid being pregnant for mother that still have a baby.
  • Give suck a mother’s milk will help mother to form a body shape back to normal.
  • Give suck a mother’s milk to a baby is the beautiful experience for mother.

For Baby:

  • Mother’s milk contains all nutrition that need by the baby to grow normal.
  • The composition of mother’s milk always be changed depends on the baby’s need. At the beginning after given birth will create colostrums, the yellowish liquid that rich of protein. After several weeks the liquid will be change to normal white mother’s milk.
  • Mother’s milk contains antibody that protect the baby from many infection.
  • Mother’s milk easy to digest by the baby.
  • Give suck a mother’s milk to the baby will create an emotional relationship between mother and child. There is no other way to give a worm and safe feeling to the baby when give suck to a baby. When the baby hearing well known mother’s hart beating as long as on mother’s womb, the emotional relationship between the baby and mother will stronger.

Balancing the Diet

Mother on giving suck is no need special diet but must diet in balance and enough drink. Nevertheless don’t eat too much. Mother should avoid these:
  • Drink medicine or other ingredient without doctor advice.
  • Don’t too much ginger, vinegar and spices.
  • Don’t too much stimulant like concentrate coffee or tea.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or cigarettes.

A good suckle

To give suck a mother’s milk must start as soon as after the baby born. At the beginning give mother’s milk as often as possible, this will help on mother’s milk flow and make a custom. The baby will suck by self every 3 to 4 hours. Every mother has her suitable position on give suck her mother’s milk.

Do this make you health and easy to give suck your mother’s milk.

  • Use a bra and a dress that is easy to open the front side so you don’t need to open your dress all.
  • Wash your hand with soap before you begin.
  • Clean nipples and areola with wetted cotton with warm water.
  • Don’t pinch the baby’s cheep but just touch baby’s cheek with your nipple, the baby automatically will find out nipple with baby’s mouth.
  • Press the breast that sticks to the baby’s nose so that baby can breathe freely.
  • Give baby mother’s milk from your breasts in turn every baby suck.
  • To make your breast not paint, give suck the baby in short times but often, this make you a custom.
  • After the baby finish for suck help put out the nipple by using your finger enter the baby’s mouth.
  • Clean the nipple and areola and let dry, if it need oily with lanolin cream to keep elastic and avoid becoming throat.
  • Give the baby mother’s milk as the baby need.
  • Don’t give the baby other meal until the baby’s age more than 4 months.
  • Give mother’s milk until 2 years old.
  • Weight the baby every month to monitor the growth.
  • After giving suck, better to drink a glass of water or fruit juice or milk, because will feel thirsty.
  • If there is a time, in the first week after birth, it is good before and after suckle to lay down your body.
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