Saturday, February 9, 2008

Am I Overweight?

Health and Slim

In the modern society there many slogan on how to lessen the weight and keep slim, because many benefits for us always keep the ideal weight along live. Overweight or fat will increase the risk of have dieses as below:

  • High tension blood
  • Diabetes
  • Hart attack
  • Cancer
  • Bone and hinge

Overweigh also cause effect on body stamina, when do sport easy often hardly breath even only a light sport.

Am I Overweight?

The easiest way to check that your body is overweight or not just to pinch your skin under your arm (top-arm) or on your waist. If the skin able to pinch more than 2.5 cm, it is possible that you are too fat or overweight.

Do you know that the body form is also determines? If your body form tends to big on waist than on hip, your risk to get the dieses of overweight also bigger. The body form like this is called as "apple" form. On the contrary if your body tends fat on hip and thigh, you have a smaller risk on have those dieses. This body form is called as "peer" form. You can't change the body form, but you can turn down the risk with lessen your fat.

The formula to determine of ideal weight use a Body Mass Index (BMI):

BMI = Body Weight (kg)/(Your height (m) x Your height (m))


BMI = 20 - 25 is health

BMI = 26 - 30 is overweight

BMI = more than 30 is obesities

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