Saturday, October 6, 2012

Depression Diseases Increase

The high economic burden, the wide social gap, as well as the socio-political situation of uncertainty makes people suffer from depression. The weight of the soul lead to irrational through and manifest in violent behavior, ranging from the fight, harassment, domestic violence, murder, to commit suicide.

"Depression is often undetected," said the Director of the Ministry of Health Mental Health Loyal Diah Utami in Jakarta, Friday (5/10). Symptoms of depression are not only the manifests of itself in a change of behavior tend to be silent, but it could be otherwise, so aggressive and agitate.
However, most people do not realize he was depressed in disguise. Common symptoms are often shown in a physical disease that occurs repeatedly in a certain time and can not be cured with medication, such as migraines every day, stomach ulcer constantly, sleeplessness, and colds.

Basic Health Research 2007 says, the national prevalence of people with mental disorders emotional (anxiety and depression) in people aged over 15 years reach to 11.6 percent (approximately 20 million people). Who experience severe mental disorder 0.46 percent (about 1 million).

Mental illness can happen to anyone, from infants to the elderly (seniors). Women are generally more vulnerable to depression than men. The increasing variety of chronic diseases, such as heart problems, hypertension, and diabetes, depression in the elderly is also increasing.
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