Sunday, April 24, 2011

Four Reasons We Have Breakfast

Why are we should breakfast?
Many people go to work with empty stomach, this is not right because go to work with empty stomach can be a trigger of getting diseases. Some people have a breakfast make fat, but some research proof that they who have a breakfast will get the benefit and not getting fat.

Four reason that we better have breakfast:

  1. Breakfast can fulfill the need of nutrition, to postpone the breakfast mean make difficult to get nutrition and vitamin.
  2. Breakfast can make lessen weight, when our stomach empty, our activity will burn calorie slower that the normal. Breakfast after stomach empty can increase the metabolism, mean that burn calorie will more efficient. 
  3. Breakfast can increase of brain ability, researcher proof that student with breakfast have score 22 percent higher that they are not.
  4. Breakfast can prevent from heart attack, women that often pass their breakfast have bad cholesterol contain LDL higher than they have breakfast every time. Just eat cereal plus milk in the morning is enough for breakfast.
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