Friday, October 8, 2010

How to Use Home Pregnancy Test Kits

Most home pregnancy test are aimed at detecting the hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the woman’s urine. When the chemicals in the test kit are combined with a urine sample, a reaction will occur if the woman’s urine contains HCG; the usually means she is pregnant. These tests have several advantages; They may be cheaper and quicker then a trip to the doctor, they allow privacy and anonymity, and they may diagnose pregnancy fairly early so that prenatal care can begin promptly.

The problem with the home tests is that they are not always 100 percent accurate. A sight dirt or detergent residue on the container used for the test, for example may affect the result. So may shacking the container, placing it in direct sunlight, or reading the test too soon – or not soon enough. And occasionally, a false positive result (a “pregnant” verdict when a woman is not actually pregnant) many be caused by a gynecological abnormally, such as uterine cancer.

If use home pregnancy test kit, then, keep in mind the following points:
  • Use the kit precisely as instructed. Make sure any containers or other implements used as are clean. Be sure to do the test only with your first morning urine; it contains more HCG than urine collected at any other time of day.
  • If the result are negative, don’t assume that it is certain that you are not pregnant. You may, for example, be testing too soon – before your body developed enough HCG to show up in your urine. (you must wait at least two weeks after a missed menstrual period to obtain results). If your period does not arrive and you continue to have symptom of pregnancy, see your doctor anyway. A false negative from a home test is quite possible. If you are in doubt, assume that you have a pregnant body. Until you can see the doctor, obtain from drug, alcohol, and other substances that might damage the developing fetus.
  • If the result are positive, se a doctor immediately. If you are pregnant, you will want to begin your prenatal care right away. And you should be examine in any case to make sure that your test’s positive result isn’t due to some other condition.
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