Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Loosing Hair

Loosing hair on head are normally either for women or men. The loosing hair can begin when we adult and going on as long as we live. But the speed of loosing and the age is vary for people. For children until teenager usually losing hair less than 30 sheet per day. If hair loos more that 50 sheet per day will become thin hair for several years. For several cases this loosing hair can relate to head skin disease and other disease like syphilis, thyroid disturbance and fungi infection. Loosing hair also can cause by drink of certain drug on cure treatment like cancer, but after cured and stop of medicine drinking usually hair will grow again.

Hair loosing symptom for woman:
  • Hair become thin generally, especially on the top of head, very rare cause bald.
  • The hair can be off after cream bath or using comb in huge number.
Hair loosing symptom for men:
  • Hair in forehead and on the top head become thin. Often become bald on the forehead or in the top head, and even can be bald all over.
Genera Causes:
  • Natural process because of the adding of age.
  • Passed on factor, especially for “male pattern” (bald on man tend to passed on)
  • Hormonal changes on woman for example after birth or menopause.
  • Over treatment on the hair make the hair too dry or broken cause of coloring or curling.
  • Stretching on hair, for example comb tousled hair, tie a hair like horse tail too strong and stress feeling that sometime to pull the hair by herself.

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