Sunday, November 23, 2008

Goiter Disease

Goiter is the gloated of thyroid gland that can caused by many problem. Thyroid gland in a normal condition is not visible from outside, is the gland like H letter, located in front of neck below the throat (Adam’s apple). Thyroid gland is functioned to produce a thyroid hormone that is controlled the body metabolism, and control the body development and improvement in order be a normal conditions.
If there is an abnormal condition on the body metabolism, this thyroid gland will getting infection like lessen of Iodium mineral, the thyroid can be gloated and sometime became as big as hand’s grasp.
Symptom of Goiter Gloated:
  • There is a gloated on front of neck gradually, and forming bump ever bigger for longer.
  • Normally is not feeling of sick.
  • Hypothyroidism, is the conditions which the thyroid hormone production become lessen.
  • Difficult to breath or swollen, because the goiter become bigger and press the throat and red lane in the neck.
  • Thyrotocsicosis, but seldom happened.
  • Thyroid cancer seldom happened.
  • Cretin, happen in endemic area.
  • Auto-immune, where the body is excrete antibody that attack of specific substance on that network. The true mechanism is not known exactly. This type goiter is only founded in women.
  • Many drugs uses that are pressed the thyroid hormone production.
  • Lessen of Iodium because of diet or from drink water. In certain area like in mountain, water source contains no Iodium, and 20% of its resident suffering of goiter. This condition is called as goiter endemic.

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