Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bad Metabolism System

If your age is running about 40 to 50 years, you will feel this help for your healthy. This condition is varying from many people, if you done a regular sport or physical activity, your health will better and your body system still good. This condition always happens to old people, being worse metabolism system. For old people their body can’t absorb mineral as maximize as the body need again. So, old people body will work more extra to get the same concentration of mineral, protein and vitamin.

Older people, worse body metabolism system, this is a natural law for every body. It’s mean that your body can’t work as normally. When you walk away to the hot day, last time may be you just drink fresh water, or eat a fresh watermelon, and then your body will back to normal. But now you may be always feel dizzy if you go in a hot day even you have much of drink. This mean that your body is weaken than before.

To overcome this condition, many people use supplement to help their condition work to normal from along ago. Many supplements have offer on the market and have many purposes for certain condition. But if you are not too old or this condition is the beginning for you, I suggested that you try to eat good C vitamin, I say good because many C vitamin with low grade quality and this will not help your condition. For normal people C vitamin will absorb or get from their food, fruit or meal. But for old people their body can’t absorb optimum for this vitamin and always less.

C vitamin is need by our body to help metabolism system to process our food into substance that need by our body cell. If your body is always less of C vitamin then your health also going bad and easy get diseases. If your have a diseases you need medicine and vitamin. But don’t consume C vitamin excessively, because you just need for a little, and the excess will exert through the kidney. If you consume C vitamin excessively then your kidney will work too hard and this is not good for your kidney, like the machine our body also have maximum capacity.

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