Monday, August 25, 2008


Leptospirosis, or Weil's diseases, is an acute fever caused by a spiral bacteria, Leptospira (Spirocheae), communicated from animals to humans, commonly through skin contact with rat infested water or sewage. If often takes a fatal form characterized by jaundice and bleeding. Leptospira may also cause Meningitis. The treatment for human infect of this bacteria is by penicillin.

That is the definition of leptospirosis only, the real human that is infected by this bacteria can cause many trouble on body organization. This bacteria come from rat urine which infected by this bacteria. The rat itself get this diseases from the mite which is stay on the rat. After secrete together with urine this bacteria just can live for few minute on a dry place. But if these bacteria can stay in water can live for longer time, about 10 days.

In Jakarta these diseases ever spread after flood disaster, may many of the rats also become a victim and many of rats have leptospirosis. Diseases happened after the flood finished and people clean the dirt after flooding. If there is no wound in the human body, this bacteria won't infected, the problem is Indonesian people often clean dirty place without protective equipment, such as booth shoe or rubber shoe and other equipment. When their food or hand becomes wound then they are infected by these bacteria.

This diseases symptom is similar with flue disease, so often the doctor wrong diagnoses the diseases, if getting from flue doctor will not give them antibiotics. These diseases can cure with a simple medicine, just need penicillin antibiotics. But if doctor make wrong diagnose then the next problem will come. These bacteria will develop very fast in human body, in just 3 days these bacteria will attack kidney. If the kidney becomes broken, this can say too late. The blood will can not clean again, from this condition all the body will change the color to blue, because of the blood is like poisonous. If blood is poisoned then blood can't accept or process drug that inject to their body. Hepar also will attack by leptospirosis and finally these bacteria will attack Lung and Brain. This is the end of human life, this can happened just in two week after infected by this bacteria.

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