Monday, August 4, 2008

Be Careful of Using Cotton Butt

Using bad quality cotton but can cause Herpes Zoster Octicus (virus that cause internal ear infection). Reuse of Waste Cotton for producing many product is not good forever if that concerning health problem. Waste Cotton a lot of used as raw material of product with low price. Waste cotton a lot of used for the mixture of Growth Media to plant rice mushroom. Waste Cotton after cleaned is then whitened, dried and re-arranged can be made of beauty cotton, cotton butt, pillow, mattress, doll, toy and others goods from other cotton substance. This goods price is very cheap and not realistic, because original cotton price can reach the Rp. 17,000 per kilogram and viscose cotton made of wood Pulp, now the price have reached above Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 15,000 per kilogram.

Where the source of cheap goods is can be obtained? Mostly cheap goods that we obtain come from China. With the resident amount of more than 1 billion will be easier to collect the elementary substance from seconds especially cotton waste, to be processed become a cheap goods.

From where this seconds source? In the reality secondhand cotton which they use can come from everywhere, non from rest of cotton factory, also not from cotton Viscose industry (this factory just erected in China), but they take the seconds from hospital, medication clinic, pillow factory, etc. the waste cotton of course have contaminated by many disease source, bacterium, virus, germ. This Waste Cotton is cleaned, whitened with the process of bleaching which use bleaching agent like sodium hypochlorite and then washed again and dried. Because Indonesian people by now have known this process, this waste product have possibility is produced in Indonesia too.

Where are Chinas Goods sold? Exactly be sold to developing countries such as Indonesia and the neighborhood countries and also to Africa. So be careful for your Health and Safety in buying cheap product anywhere, from roadside, Supermarket, Dispensary that may be available in these places.


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