Monday, February 4, 2008

The Step Of Growing

The step growing of our baby are as follows:

Baby Just Born
• Always sleep in night and day
• Can’t lift up head when lay with face down
• The knee a little bent under the body and the bottom is lift

Baby six weeks old
• Able to lift head and chin when lay with face down
• Able to straight the knee when the bottom is not lift
• Able look at to the near object
• Able smile to somebody that communicate with

Baby 3 months old
• Able to lift head and chest when lay with face down
• Feet still unable to restrain baby’s body weight when try to stand up
• Able to hold thing on the hand
• Able to swing around the head to the sound source straight to baby’s ear
• Can smile and have a voice to someone who talk to

Baby 6 months old
• Able to lift head and keep balance
• Can roll from face down position to lay on baby’s back
• Sit down with two hand in front to restrain the body
• Able to hold the baby’s body when stand
• Able to take the thing with hands
• Able to move the thing from one hand to the others
• Beginning to imitate the voice and move out the tongue
• Able to chew
• Sometime friendly to someone else but sometimes ashamed

Baby 10 months old
• Able to crawl on hands and knees
• Able to change the position from sit to lay
• Able to stand up by self
• Can help to stick out the hands when give clothes
• Can follow to clap hands
• Can wave’s the hands when say good bye

Baby 12 moths old
• Can walk with help
• Can use the fingers like take the thing use finger and tomb
• Give something to others
• Enter all thing to baby’s mouth
• Like to throw the thing
• Ashamed to someone else that is not familiar
• Say a little word

Baby 18 months old
• Jump with two foot
• Not throw the thing again
• Can pile the things
• Can show some parts of body
• Can open the book but still thee or two pages in once open
• Can open the cloth or sock
• Can say want to the toilet
• Still urinate on the bed

Child 2 years old
• Can walk and run
• Can climb the stairs
• Can kick the ball use foot
• Can pile to 7 block
• Use pencil to draw line and curve
• Can show the parts of body
• Can take and open the shoes, shock and clothes
• Can eat use the spoon without spilled
• Can talk with sentence in two or three word
• Seldom urinate on the bed

Child 3 years old
• Can stand on one foot
• Can take the cloths by self
• Can drive a three wheel bike
• Can imitate drawing with chose colors
• Can follow a simple instruction
• Can use glass and spoon also wash hands
• Beginning to speak well

The fastest growing and development of the baby is on the first year. To communicate with talk and play, it means stimulating the development either only the physical and brain or develops a social skills and the communication ability. Talk and play means to stimulate the development of physical, mental and social.
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